We strongly recommend coming earlier during peak travel times, such as holidays, because lines can be long. You are advised to report at Check-in desk 1 Hour (60 minutes) before your flight schedule as the check-in counter is closed 30 minutes before the flight departure for domestic sector. For International flights you are advised to report to check-in counter 2 hour (120 Minutes) prior to you flight schedule, as the check-in counter is closed 1 hour (60 minutes) before the flight departure.

Child: Age Limit 02-12 years

Traveling with infants and children can be a fun adventure! To keep them comfortable, we recommend bringing small "comfort" items in your carry-on bag, such as a child's security blanket or favorite pillow and small snacks. Fares are 75% of the adult fares for children and are entitled to have a seat. Taxes are same for Adult/Child. Infant: 02-2nd Birth Day. No seat entitlement. Provide with baby cot, baby meal, 10Kilos baggage allowance. Fares are 10% of the adult fares.

Wheelchair Service

All Regent Airways airport offices have wheelchairs available for our customers. This service is extended to elderly passengers, passengers with minor leg or foot injuries or any passenger whose mobility is hampered and would experience discomfort in boarding the flight in the usual manner.

Expectant mother

Women who are less than 28 weeks pregnant and are experiencing no complications during their pregnancy are accepted on board without a doctor approval. Provided they are more than 28 weeks and less than 32 weeks pregnant, a valid doctor approval, not more than 7 days old, is requested. In case it is confirmed that the child birth would not occur within 4 weeks of the start of the journey, there are no medical obstacles for travelling by air. Expectant mothers whose babies are due to be born within 7 days before the flight or mothers, whose babies were born less than 7 days before the flight, cannot be accepted on board.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM Movements)

We know that caring for a child in an airport environment is not always easy and letting your child fly alone can be worrisome for both the parents and the travelers. Children 5 to 11 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least 18 years of age on the same aircraft are considered unaccompanied minors. For details, please contact our sales offices or nearest travel agent.