"Regent airways feeling proud to announce the operation of the flight Dhaka - Kathmandu, Nepal on December 21, 2016. For details call 09612669911"

In-flight Service

Even at 35,000 feet above ground, we offer an array of mouth watering food and beverage. Cooked by professional chefs, our in-flight food menu consists of complete meals and light snack. From traditional local cuisine to Western and Chinese, we have something for every taste bud. Regent is the only airline in the country offering such a variety of food.

Flying with Regent Airways is not just about reaching your destination. We do our best to make your flying experience enjoyable and memorable. With a good collection of in-flight magazine with everything recent, you will indeed have a good time.


Snacks & beverage

So as to make your travel experience a bit more exciting, unlike other air travel service providers, Regent Airways provides attractive snack box with fresh snacks like sandwiches, roasted peanuts, mango bars, and beverages in it.

Newspaper & Magazines

Catch the latest developments in and around the world, with our varied line-up of English and Bengali newspapers & Magazines. Get updated on the current events Bangladesh and around the world.

Dining With Regent

It's the mouth watering taste of our in-flight dining that will keep you on flying with us again and again. A good range of dinning items and beverage will boast up your journey and will satisfy your dining pleasure above 35,000 feet. A wide variety of finest food cooked by professional chefs will delight your mind and good variety of soft drinks will help you relax while we take you to the higher skies. Regent airways in-flight food menu consists of complete meals and light snacks depending on your journey. From traditional local cuisine to western or Chinese we always offer options to our flyers because we believe in individual's preference for particular food. Regent is the countries only airline with such a variety of quality food up in the air. So come fly with us to discover a new experience of dining in the air with Regent.

On board entertainment

Regent Airways does not take you to your desired destination only; it also makes your journey enjoyable, comfortable and memorable with us. You will enjoy a range of local and International movies and TV series in the PSU system of the aircraft during your flight. We have good reading materials with articles written by nationally and internationally recognized writers which will enrich your mind and knowledge, the collection will satisfy your reading pleasure. We are always counting on your experience to constantly develop ourselves and for this we believe to deliver the best to those who fly with us.